I remove my name from the book of failure

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Tue Jan 23 12:54:27 CET 2007

Choice Neighborhood Ministries

Let all evil competitors stumble and fall, I send confusion into the camp of
all evil counselors planning against my progress, By the power in the name of
Jesus I remove my name from the book of failure and demonic side-track, Lord
give me power to make use of 
-	divine opportunities presented to me
-	Possess more wisdom than my competitors 
-	Drink from the well of salvation
-	Make my path unknown to the enemies 
-	Always be ahead of my competitors in terms of favour IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF
Dear Jesus let all the adversaries of my breakthrough be put to shame, I claim
the power to overcome and excel amongst all my competitors, I command all
human woes to find me untouchable, Let any decision by any panel to be
favourable unto me, Let the anointing of the overcomer fall upon my life, I
receive wisdom knowledge and understanding to subdue all competitors IN THE
Let every negative word and pronouncement against my success be be completely
nullified, All competitors against me in the areas of business and ministry
will find me impossible to defeat, I claim supernatural wisdom to answer all
questions in a way that will advance my cause, Jesus let every Achan depart
from my camp, I receive the anointing for supernatural breakthrough in this

Soji Oladipo
234 1 8726006
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