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Sat Feb 7 01:15:46 UTC 2009

(Introductions:  R. Barta is the author of record for the
Language::Prolog::SWI module -- which has instructions for
Debian; Chris Lamb is the Debian maintainer of the SWI
Prolog packages; and Debian Perl Project is

Our company is heavily committed to Perl on Debian and
believe we have a need for SWI Prolog, which we would
interface to Perl.  I have attempted to automatically build
a Debian package in the Lenny (testing) environment for the
current Language::Prolog::SWI module code (to produce
"liblanguage-prolog-swi-perl" package), and then attempted
to build the module without any Debian machinery, and so far
my attempts have failed.  I believe I have enough skill,
experience (with Debian, Perl, and C), support, and
motivation to eventually solve these problems, although it
will evidently learning something more about SWIG, as my
impression is that the interface needs an overhaul.  Of
course, if the problem is already being solved (or can be
trivially solved) by someone else then I don't need to lead
the effort.  At any rate, I would like to coordinate with
any interested parties in producing
liblanguage-prolog-swi-perl packages at least for the next
two Debian releases (lenny and squeeze; although I'm not
saying the lenny package would ever be an official part of
the release).

Thank you.

Michael J. Micek, CyberStrategies, Inc.
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