krb5 transation: krb5 1.7

Adeodato Simó dato at
Tue May 5 06:53:46 UTC 2009

+ Sam Hartman (Mon, 04 May 2009 18:30:31 -0400):

> That was the goal, although I'm suspecting that reality will be a bit
> more difficult.  Some symbols have had their versions increased in the
> 1.7 packages because new flags were added to the functionality.  So,
> it's possible that if some of the BIN NMUs take until after krb5 1.7
> hits unstable, their shlibdeps may end up higher than is strictly
> necessary.

Aah, there's always a fine print. :-)

In that case, would you mind holding off your krb5 upload by, say, a
week, as to give a bit of time for most Bin-NMUs to build against 1.6?
I'm happy for this period to be fixed (one week), instead of making it
dependant of the percentage of Bin-NMUs successfully built. But given
the current state of transitions in unstable, it would help a lot having
krb5 be as small as possible.

> So, I think that we can make this a really small transition, but
> perhaps not empty.

> Unfortunately, it looks like some of the BIN NMUs are failing and some
> of the failures use symbols with newer versions.  For example it seems
> like cvsnt FTBFS on all arches.

cvsnt's failure seems to be caused by #506801, which should be trivial
to fix.

> More puzzling is the openssh build failure on mipsel.  In that case,
> deny_severity from tcp-wrappers is causing a problem.  It's a weak
> symbol exported by libwrap, that is often redefined by the
> application.  sshd does in fact redefine the symbol, but the mipsel
> linker complains about a non-dynamic reference to a dynamic symbol.  I
> *think* the mipsel linker is wrong here, but if so, that may prove
> ugly to fix.

Ugh, I'll try to find a mipsen person to ask to.

> However those are the only problems I'm seeing in the builds that have
> completed so far, so I think this is going to be relatively painless.
> In particular, the cups builds seem to be going well; so do the SASL
> builds.  Those are the ones with the most rdeps.


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