Bug#548848: Perl fails to upgrade "Could not perform immediate configuration"

Niko Tyni ntyni at debian.org
Tue Sep 29 09:39:00 UTC 2009

reassign 548848 liblocale-gettext-perl 1.05-5

On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 11:17:32PM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
> reassign 548848 debhelper
> thanks
> The problem here is that liblocale-gettext-perl, which is transitively
> essential, now pre-depends: perl instead of perl-base.  This is a behavior
> change in dh_perl from debhelper; it now causes all perl-using packages to
> depend on perl, when for /usr/bin/perl perl-base should be sufficient.
> Since the perl/perl-base split exists /for the benefit of/ the essential
> closure, this needs to be fixed in either debhelper or, if debhelper's
> behavior is for some reason considered correct, in liblocale-gettext-perl
> (by overriding debhelper).

Thanks Steve.

This broke only recently with liblocale-gettext-perl 1.05-5 which
switched to the 'debhelper 7 tiny rules' and lost the dh_perl '-d'
option as a side effect.

I don't think debhelper is to blame here, so reassigning again.
Niko Tyni   ntyni at debian.org

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