Processed: Re: Bug#578794: libclass-dbi-sweet-perl: FTBFS with newer Module::Build

Joey Hess joeyh at
Thu Apr 22 20:21:22 UTC 2010

Damyan Ivanov: 
> Can debhelper prefer Build.PL over Makefile.PL? I vagueely remember
> discussing thes before, but can't recall what was the outcome (and
> can't find a bugreport about it).
> In the mean time, I'll pass --buildsystem=perl_build in dbi-sweet's
> rules as a workaround.

Reordering debhelper buildsystems is Hard, because it has the potential
to make arbitrary packages FTBFS.

# Historical order must be kept for backwards compatibility. New
# build systems MUST be added to the END of the list.

Now, perl_makemaker *must* come before makefile, so perl_build would
need to be moved to come before perl_makemaker. The risk then is that a
package with a Build file, that would have been built using makefile or
python_distutils before, will change to being built using perl_build.
Plus the obvious risk, that some perl packages might build differently
if perl_build is used vs perl_makemaker.

I don't feel comfortable doing it without running a full archive-wide
rebuild test. If someone wants to make it happen, and can arrange for
such a test on eg, the Grid 500, that'd be great.

see shy jo
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