Bug#599712: [rt.cpan.org #62040] AutoReply: leaks passwords to the logs

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Mon Oct 11 05:02:56 UTC 2010


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Apache::AuthenHook seemingly logs _all_ usernames and passwords, in
clear text, to the vhost's error log:

 ap_log_rerror(APLOG_MARK, APLOG_INFO, 0, r,
               "Apache::AuthenHook - user '%s', password '%s' verified",
               user, password);

As far as I can see, this behavior is not documented, and impossible to
turn off (it's hard-coded in the C file) except by raising the log
level.  I've verified that they do indeed show up in the vhost's logs:

  [Sun Oct 10 13:18:45 2010] [info] [client]
Apache::AuthenHook - user 'Sesse', password '<censored for this bug
report>' verified

There's no good reason for this except for debugging, and even in that
case, it should only be possible to enable for the Apache admin.

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