Bug#615605: libjson-perl: upgrade libjson-pp-perl from Recommends to Depends

Jonathan Yu jawnsy at cpan.org
Sun Feb 27 18:06:34 UTC 2011

Package: libjson-perl
Version: 2.27-1
Severity: important

Due to a misunderstanding as to the intent of this package, and its
relation to JSON::PP (see libjson-pp-perl), JSON::PP was considered a
Recommends rather than a Depends.

In a discussion with David Golden, it was identified that this package
should be considered a Depends. The JSON::backportPP module was not meant
to be used in normal circumstances:

  > However, as long as libjson-perl will work (i.e. the JSON module) in
  > the absence of libjson-pp-perl, then it should be a Recommends rather
  > than a Depends.

  Will work, but was not designed to be used that way.  The
  JSON::backportPP was a stopgap to ensure that if something went wrong
  with the split of JSON::PP, that JSON would still have a pure-perl
  fallback.  It's an engineering safety, not an intended user API.

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