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Legal Service in China Group is a professional legal service team consisting of experienced lawyers and consultants basing in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, PR China. 
We are specialists in China legislation services for Foreign Invested Corporations, National Companies especially the Trade Companies, as well as foreign individuals in China. We also open the "Trade Company Quick-in" and "Hongkong Related" tunnels especially for Foreign & National Trade Companies in China Mainland. 
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Our contact email: consultation at

我们的专长是服务于:在中国设立的或正在设立的外商投资企业和内资公司,尤其是贸易类公司,以及在中国的外国人士。我们的网站还为在中国大陆设立的外资以及内资贸易类公司,特设了“外贸类公司快捷进入”("Trade Company Quick-in")和“香港相关事务”("Hongkong Related")便捷通道。
我们的联系方式电子邮件:consultation at
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