How to ask to a maintainer if he wants to move your package to the pkg-perl umbrella?

gregor herrmann gregoa at
Sat Mar 2 02:22:14 UTC 2013

On Fri, 01 Mar 2013 22:46:32 -0300, Joenio Costa wrote:

> I think the package libfile-sharedir-perl should be upgraded to the
> last upstream version, but the package isn't in pkg-perl git
> repository.

That's a pity :)
> Is there some workflow should I follow to move (or to ask to the
> maint) the package to the pkg-perl repository?

Depends on the situation.
- Often a wishlist bug against the package asking for an upgrade,
  combined with an invitation to the perl group or an offer to take
  over the package is a first start.
- If the maintainer is not active anymore (which seems to be the case
  here), contacting the MIA team is the next/best step (and asking them
  to orphan the packages / let the perl team take them over).
- If there is an urgency, it's also possible to upload a new upstream
  release as an NMU.
- There have also been discussions in the last months about making
  orphaning packages easier, but there's no agreed procedure yet.

For libfile-sharedir-perl (and the other packages of the same
maintainer (all lib.*-perl)) I suggest to contact the MIA team.

(From a practical point of view, we have a
script in our scripts repo.)
> I'm asking help here to avoid be impolite with the current maintainer.

Thanks for this considerate approach!


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