[Pkg-pulseaudio-devel] Bug#519705: Additional info + correction

Jan Muszynski debianbugs at jancm.org
Sun Mar 15 01:12:06 UTC 2009

Not quite as bad as I previously stated. I had a setting wrong in
adacious and it does work in 14-2 using the pulseaudio interface.
However the ESD interface is dead in 14.2 across the board.

The Tests also fail for alsa and oss in 14-1. Since Pulse is
controlling everything I suspect that this part makes sense. So
perhaps this bug should really be against the esound-compat plugin.

One additional data point. In Pulse Audio Manager, in the Client tab,
both 14-1 and 14-2 list a Console Kit Session, a XSMP session, and a
Pilse Audio Manager Session. However that's ALL that 14-2 gas. 14-1
though also has about 19 entries for   "EsounD Client (Unix socket
client)". 14-2 has none. The sample Cache tab for 14-1 has a number of
entries for different esound.gtk-events-2/<system sound>. 14-2 is
empty. All the other tabs in Pulse Audio Manager appear to be

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