[Pkg-puppet-devel] Bug#502193: Bug#502193: "the other end went away" puppet warnings are symptoms of a nasty bug

Brian Gupta brian.gupta at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 03:21:41 UTC 2009

2009/3/22 Robin Sheat <robin at kallisti.net.nz>:
> I have puppet managing a handful of VMs, and see this "other end went away"
> error a lot. As noted in #64, it leaves a lot of CLOSE_WAIT connections lying
> around. Before long, these fill up the connection table make it very difficult
> to SSH into the machine to repair.
> My current workaround is a cron job that does a puppet restart daily, this
> obviously isn't an ideal solution.
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According to this upstream bug report, this error should go away if
you disable keepalive. http://reductivelabs.com/trac/puppet/ticket/944
Can you test and report back?


- Brian Gupta

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