[DRE-maint] Re: Mongrel on Debian - wanna join forces?

Jens Kraemer jk at jkraemer.net
Fri Dec 29 13:40:17 CET 2006

On Fri, Dec 29, 2006 at 09:45:51AM -0200, Filipe Lautert wrote:
> And more about pen... hum... well... mongrel just will be in etch+1. And so 
> there is modproxy_balancer in apache, that replaces pen functionality. So, 
> maybe we can strip away pen's configuration? Or maybe should it remain sarge 
> and lighttpd compatible (I don't know if there is something like 
> modproxy_balancer in lighttpd)?

I really need Mongrel with Sarge, so it would be cool if we had a
package that could be built and used on Sarge with pen. 

Of course it should work without Pen, too. Maybe we should split this in
two init-scripts, one for the mongrel instances, and one for the pen
servers, which only gets used if the user wants to (and has pen


Jens Krämer
jk at jkraemer.net

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