[Pkg-ruby-extras-maintainers] Re: Debian Ruby Extras Etch To Do

Vincent Fourmond vincent.fourmond at 9online.fr
Tue Nov 7 00:58:03 CET 2006

  Hello !

Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Paul blogged about his TODO list for the team[0].
> [0] http://paul.luon.net/journal/debian/DebianRubyExtrasEtchToDo.html
> Even if I'm a big fan of RSS feeds and planets, I think that it would be better to discuss such stuff on the mailing list. I'm answering here.

  I just had a comment about this: I feel we should split this mailing
list, as it serves two purposes:

  * svn logging;
  * occasional messages;

  The verbosity of the first renders the second hard to read and notice.
Could we create another mailing list, like pkg-ruby-extras-svn for the
svn log, and keep this one for real discussions ?

>> Solve all remaining issues concerning the ruby-pkg-tools.
> The BTS doesn't list any open bug. It would be great to file bugs
> against the package so we know what is broken: it's a bit difficult to
> track currently.


>> Create the libextras-ruby meta-package and get it into Etch.
> That's going to be hard, given that it has to go through NEW first. If
> we really want it into etch, we should work on this NOW. How do we
> proceed ? Paul, do you want to be "mainly responsible" for this package
> ?

  NEW is already really slowing down - some packages there have been
waiting for more than a month. We should move one. My guess is that
there is no reason for it to be exhaustive for the first upload.


Vincent Fourmond, PhD student

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