[DRE-maint] Minutes meeting 2007/09/17

Daigo Moriwaki techml at sgtpepper.net
Mon Oct 15 04:13:31 UTC 2007

Hi Lucas,

Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> On 11/10/07 at 15:09 +0900, Daigo Moriwaki wrote:
>>> ** RubyGems
>>>> The question is raised whether we have to change our position towards
>>>> RubyGems.  A long discussions follows which describes our disagreements
>>>> with the Ruby(Gem) community.  The conclusion is that we can keep our
>>>> position statement as is.  More discussion can follow on the list
>>>> later.
>> The upstream, Matz, is deciding that RubyGems will be included in Ruby 1.9
>> coming this Christmas. Regardless of our liking, we must accept it.
> Do you have a recent source for that? The only source I could find about
> ruby 1.9 being released next christmas is
> http://redhanded.hobix.com/cult/rubyKaigi2006.html (report from
> a conference in 2006).
> I checked recently, and some libs from stdlib were clearly not ready.
> Like REXML, for example.

In ruby-core, here is the main thread:

In some conferences of this year here in Japan, Matz always mentioned that Ruby
1.9.1 would be released at this Christmas (and Rubygems would be merged).
Probably, in Ruby Conference next month, the schedule will be informed.

>> The upstream, the Ruby core team, is now discussing a concrete way to integrate
>> RubyGems to Ruby 1.9. drbrain, a Rubygems developer, seems to have been
>> requested some features by Matz and to be about to move the current Rubygems
>> codes into the Ruby's trunk.
> I haven't checked rubygems recently, but has there been changes in the
> good direction?

I think so. drbrain seems to really care about other packaging systems.

>> Japanese developers seem to be conservative to Rubygems (sympathetic with
>> packaging like Debian), but others (English speakers) not. So, please watch out
>> ruby-{core|talk} discussions.
> any specific pointers?
> If you read those mailing lists, it would be great if you could forward
> links to interesting threads here.

For exmaple,

NAKAMURA, Hiroshi is one of key persons, who actively tries to bridge Japanese
list and English one about this issue. But, unfortunately, he does not belong to
Ruby Core team and his opinion is not Ruby's official statement. He is a
commiter and knows Ruby very well (and good guy), though.


Daigo Moriwaki
beatles at sgtpepper dot net

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