[DRE-maint] Bug#560541: pkgconfig file in libsvm-dev? [was: Bug#560541: libsvm-ruby: FTBFS]

Michael Schutte michi at uiae.at
Mon Dec 14 20:11:32 UTC 2009


libsvm-ruby relies on a libsvm.pc file to figure out how to build with
libsvm.  This convenience has gone away between the 2.89-1 and 2.90-1
uploads of your package, causing libsvm-ruby to FTBFS on a QA rebuild.
The libsvm changelog simply states,

|  * Removed libsvm.pc from libsvm-dev.

May I ask you to elaborate on the reason for this change (for the
future, it is a good idea to do this right in the changelog, to avoid
further confusion like this one)?  And would it be possible for you to
re-introduce the file in the next revision?

Thanks in advance,
Michael Schutte <michi at uiae.at>
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