[Pkg-samba-maint] Bug#461048: Bug#461048: We need to understand how to reproduce bug #461048 on samba

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Mon Oct 20 05:45:20 UTC 2008

Quoting Steve Langasek (vorlon at debian.org):

>  Still, there's something weird with umount.cifs: if I (really) mount the 
>  remote volume, the command succeeds, but then umount hangs. 
>  But <Ctrl-C> can abort it, then the volume *is* unmounted.
>  So umount succeeds as well, but the utils fail to get the actual (u)mounted
>  status. 

And this has never been reproduced with more recent versions of the
code. And *I* can't reproduce the bug either.

> The failure to match up relative paths to /etc/mtab entries is a bug, but is
> not related to the failure that Paolo described.

Well, sure, but that's the only reproducible issue in this bug log.

So, well, we could clone 461048 for the relative paths umouont issue
(which isproperly identified, already reported upstream and for which
a patch sleeps in upstream's BTS)....and leave 461048 continue to
sleep on our BTS for a few more years until someone decides what I'm
currently thinking: that letting bug rot in the BTS after too much
time adds no value when it is clear that nobody will ever have the
setup to reproduce them.

This is just a time waste that prevents us to concentrate on real bugs
where we can add some value to our upstream.

We have tons of such bugs in samba's BTS.

That's probably more a philosophical debate than a technical one
indeed.. ;-)

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