[Pkg-scicomp-devel] paraview: builds against python2.5-dev if that is installed

Ondrej Certik ondrej at certik.cz
Wed Feb 27 18:25:33 UTC 2008

On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 3:57 PM, Jö Fahlke <jorrit at jorrit.de> wrote:
> Am Wed, 27. Feb 2008, 14:14:50 +0100 schrieb Ondrej Certik:
> > Do you suggest to change the build depend to python2.4-dev? This
>  > wouldn't imho change anything -
>  > if python2.5-dev is installed, it will use it too.
>  I can't think of a clean solution, so I didn't mean to suggest anything.
>  AFAICT the intent was to trace the default python in Debian, thus the
>  build-dep on python-dev.  Changing that to python2.4-dev does help as you
>  noted.  Other options are:
>  * Build-Dep: python-dev and Build-Conflict: python2.5-dev
>   This will give a FTBFS when Debians default Python changes to 2.5.
>  * Build-Dep: python2.4-dev and Build-Conflict: python2.5-dev
>   This does not trace Debians default Python anymore.
>  * Patch paraviews config to look for a specific version of python
>   It looks like python-config will print out the build configuration of the
>   default python.  However, I have no idea of cmake and how it checks for
>   installed packages so I don't know how feasible this is.
>  >                                                    I only test the
>  > build in pbuilder, and there it is never
>  > a problem. And buildds will not have python2.5 either.
>  Are buildds now always installed from scratch for each build?  In that case
>  it's probably OK as it is now.
>  My (somewhat dated) last information was that they just install/remove enough
>  packages to satisfy the build-deps.

I suggest to do nothing. If it fails or miscompiles on buildds, let's
add build conflicts python2.5-dev. It's ok if it FTBFS on python2.4 ->
2.5 transition, as we need to fix the debian/rules too for that. So we
just fix it and upload.


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