Shibboleth 2.0 SP packages look ready

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Thu Jun 26 18:53:37 UTC 2008

Russ Allbery <rra at> writes:

> Ferenc Wagner <wferi at> writes:
>> I'm starting to lean to that, too...  But I'll try to contact the
>> git-bp developers with these wishes.
> They're somewhat hamstrung by cowbuilder, I think.  It might actually be
> something that should be fixed in pbuilder / cowbuilder.

Well, yes, I also came to the same conclusion.  And we aren't the
first, see bug #381036.  Up to now I didn't care much about
cowbuilder, as untarring that chroot takes a very small percentage of
the total build time.  But if cowbuilder had these super powers, that
alone would warrant learning it.

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