[Pkg-sql-ledger-discussion] Packaging progress

Robert James Clay jame at rocasa.us
Sat Dec 24 22:28:10 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-12-22 at 05:43 -0500, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> On Thu, 15 Dec 2011, Robert James Clay wrote:
> > 
> >     Here's the first one:
> > http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/l/ledgersmb/ledgersmb_1.3.8-1.dsc

    I've created an interim package of 1.3.9-1, including changes as
noted below.  I expect to have one that's ready for further review with
either 1.3.9-2 or 1.3.10-1, depending on how I progress and how it goes
with upstream.   (They had a 1.3.10 rc, but apparantly it still needs
more work.)

> Ok, let's start with the review. I'll dump comments in no particular
> order, just as I stumble upon them.  ....

> 1/ Please switch to debhelper compat level 8 and use "dh" to simplify
>    debian/rules.

    I'm not yet familiar with either of those, but I am certainly
interested in taking advantage of the new capabilities.  Added to

> [ Reviewing debian/control ]
> 2/ The package is arch: all so you don't need ${shlibs:Depends} in the
>    Depends field. Drop it.

     Resolved with v1.3.9-1 (r353).

> 3/ On the opposite you have lots of perl code installed, so adding
>    ${perl:Depends} is a good idea (it's generated by dh_perl, currently
>    you don't call it but if you switch to "dh", it will be automatically
>    called).

    Resolved with v1.3.9-1 (r353).

> 4/ Please take the few minutes required to update Standards-Version to
>    3.9.2. Use /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/upgrading-checklist.txt.gz to
>    verify what needs to be updated (probably nothing).

     Resolved with v1.3.9-1 (r353).

> 5/ Replace the "mail-transport-agent" Recommends by
>    "default-mta | mail-transport-agent". That way if no MTA is intalled,
>    APT will pick the default one (exim) instead of a random one.

    Resolved with v1.3.9-1 (r353).

> 6/ Why is there a recommends on "lpr" ? I expect most printing to happen
>    on the client side not on the server side. So it can probably be moved
>    to Suggests.

    My thinking is that printers could be anywhere; on the same server
as LedgerSMB, on the network somewhere, etc.  But that only emphasizes
your point.<g>  Resolved with v1.3.9-1 (r353).

> [ Review of the content of the debian/ directory ]

> 10/ debian/watch: drop the useless comments. that's lintian's
>     I: ledgersmb source: debian-watch-contains-dh_make-template

    Resolved with v1.3.9-1 (r353).

> 11/ Typo in debian/changelog caught by Lintian:
>     W: ledgersmb: spelling-error-in-changelog neccessary necessary

    Resolved with v1.3.9-1 (r353).

> 12/ Please redo debian/copyright from scratch and follow DEP-5.
>     http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/ 

    Added to debian/TODO.  

> [ Reviewing debian/rules ]

>     - you should really rely on the upstream "make install" to
>       do most of the installation work for you instead of abusing
>       dh_install...

     Added to debian/TODO.

>  a way to restore the original ledgersmb-httpd.conf (or drop it))

     Ended up dropping it, like I did with the other created conf file.
Resolved with v1.3.9-1 (r353).

>     - add the recommended targets build-arch / build-indep (build-indep
>       doing the work, build-arch empty, build depending on build-indep)

     Resolved with v1.3.9-1 (r353).


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