[Pkg-symfony-maint] Bug#591115: Bug forwarded

Alexander Reichle-Schmehl tolimar at debian.org
Tue Nov 30 15:12:15 UTC 2010


* Federico Gimenez Nieto <fgimenez at coit.es> [101011 08:07]:

> > did you manage to make any progress on this?
> I haven't received any response from upstream. After this problem raised
> a new version of doctrine came out, this time without the test suite.
> Since the cause of the FTBFS is a failing test (the package didn't build
> if any test didn't pass), i've packaged this new version and at first
> glance the bug would be solved (the package is uploaded to mentors [1]).
> This doesn't solve the root cause of the test failure, of course.
> So perhaps the problem was with the unit test itself, or with the
> features being tested. I'm not sure if it is a good idea to upload the
> new version with the fixed FTBFS or to prepare an architecture specific
> version, what do you think?

Has there been any progress with this bug?  I see the new package is
still on mentors, but I don't think the release managers will accept a
new upstream release at this stage of the freeze, therefore I'm
currently not considering sponsoring your package.

However, if I understood it correctly, upstream removed the failed
test causing this FTBFS?  So my understanding would be, that a
legitimate fix would be to disbale this test (without uploading a NEW
upstream version).  If you could prepere that, I'm willing to sponsor
the upload; if you got the OK from the release team for the new upstream
version, I'm also willing to upload the version on mentors.

Best Regards,
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