[Pkg-tcltk-devel] need for /usr/bin/tcl

James R. Van Zandt jrvz at comcast.net
Sun Sep 10 04:18:09 UTC 2006

Chris -

Thanks for putting the pkg-tcl-devel list together.  
I hope you don't mind a question relating to tclx.

I am responsible for the emacspeak package which depends on the tcl
interpreter supplied by the tclx8.3 package.  There is now a tclx8.4
package, but that does not supply /usr/bin/tcl.  I am afraid the older
package will eventually be dropped, leaving no way to satisfy the

I tried various alternatives:

A speech server script starting



  load libtclx8.3.so.1

works fine.

  package require Tclx

segfaults even before the first utterance.

  load libtclx8.4.so.1

segfaults after the first utterance.

  package require Tclx

segfaults after the first utterance.

strace shows the segfaults are at a "select" command.

Massimo Del Zotto suggested building tcl and tclx without threads. I
did that, but still got segfaults at the same point.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

            - Jim Van Zandt


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