state of 1.5.x

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at
Wed Feb 6 06:49:32 UTC 2008

On Thu, 22 Nov 2007, Timo Aaltonen wrote:

> On Wed, 21 Nov 2007, Thomas Schmidt wrote:
>> * Tobias Grimm schrieb am 30.10.07, um 19:40 Uhr:
>>> VDR 1.5 is still subject to many changes, which would make it hard to
>>> maintain it in unstable. I wouldn't suggest to introduces VDR 1.5 in
>>> unstable before 1.6 isn't at least in sight. Besides this there is still
>>> some work in 1.4 going on at the moment. But maybe uploading 1.5 to
>>> experimental would be an option.
>>> @Thomas: What do you think?
>> My opinion is almoast the same like yours, the only option i see
>> currently would be experimental, but even in experimental i fear that
>> it would be very much work to keep all plugins compatible with new
>> vdr-versions, especially since we are allready more or less upstream
>> for some plugins (vdr-plugin-weather for example).
> Ok, I'll probably test 1.5 myself soon to see how stable it is. I know
> it's a pain to keep everything in sync..

As you've probably noticed, 1.6.0 should be out later this month, so how 
about it now? Anything I can do? :)


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