Bug#368276: vim configuration not found anymore?

lars.doelle at on-line.de lars.doelle at on-line.de
Sun May 21 10:33:36 UTC 2006


> Are you sure you are invoking Vim as 'vim', as in the example above, or
> are you invoking it as 'vi'? In the latter case what you got is the
> intended behaviour (see the latest NEWS items).

You hit the nail right on the top!

Thanks - the problem was unobvious for me and since i use vim as my default
editor it was starting to drive me crazy much like a broken machine.

I am using "vi" from the command line. I use am using mc as a file manager,
too. Editing a file there calls "/usr/bin/sensible-editor" (a script from the
debianutils) package, ending in "vi" either. I could workaround the later
using the EDITOR environment variable.

For the first - how do i cope with this if i want to use the name "vi" still on
the command line? And i do. I have used vim so often under that name
and it is the most issued command beside "make", that i fear it is burnt
unchangeable into my spinal cord, meanwhile.

I found the NEWS that you refere to. Stefano, again thanks for quick diagnose.

And - I do not think that the current behaviour is a good idea.

The situation on my machines is the following link chain:

/usr/bin/vi -> /etc/alternatives/vi -> /usr/bin/vim -> /etc/alternatives/vim -> /usr/bin/vim.full,

which finally is a program.

This is how they handled it in debian - until now.

My intention is fully clarified by this:

1) /usr/bin/vi -> /etc/alternatives/vi -> /usr/bin/vim, clarifies that i get vim when i call "vi"
2) /usr/bin/vim -> /etc/alternatives/vim -> /usr/bin/vim.full, clarifies which variant.

So why is this setup not longer respected? The link chain as odd as it looks first does
well allow to clarify the situation. Why adding another twist that is inferior and only breaks
this chain? Of course i can add a "vi=vim" alias now - as suggested in the NEWS - but
given that setup what does the new vi -> vi enforcement help?

No - this was positively not a good idea.

Thanks again


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