Bug#317108: zaptel-source compile errors

Tzafrir Cohen Tzafrir Cohen <tzafrir.cohen@xorcom.com>, 317108@bugs.debian.org
Wed Jul 6 11:54:02 UTC 2005

On Wed, Jul 06, 2005 at 09:00:32PM +0930, David Ananian-Cooper wrote:
> Package: zaptel-source
> Version: 1.0.7-4.1
> Tags: sarge
> Severity: serious
> I have just done a fresh install of sarge on a server of mine. I installed the 
> base packages, then added asterisk, zaptel-source and all its dependancies. I 
> also installed a bunch of library packages which are apparently needed (i 
> forget which ones there were.).
> I then goto /usr/src, unpack the zaptel.tar.bz2 file and try to compile. It 
> doesn't compile. I get pages full of errors most of which are variants of the 
> following:

Tha's not exactly how you're supposed to build them.

  m-a build zaptel

m-a is module-assistant, and is a dependency of zaptel-source.

Or, as a user (preferably in an empty directory)

  m-a -u . build zaptel

m-a has some insane defaults. I normally use:

  m-a -u . -f -i -t build zaptel

This should give you a better chance of getting the kernel version
passed correctly to the makefile. The original makefile does a pretty
bad job at guessing your kernel source tree.

> zaptel.c:5739: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
> or
> zaptel.c:6107: error: invalid use of undefined type `struct zt_chan'
> and there are others too
> looking at the zaptel.c source file, it seems as though many of the errors 
> relate to the static struct zt_chan *chans[ZT_MAX_CHANNELS]; variable defined 
> on line 336.
> When download a fresh 1.0.7 from ftp.digium.com and compile that, I get the 
> same errors. When I download and compile 1.0.9 that works fine.

> Clearly there is some problem with the stable package - which I find somewhat 
> surprising given that its meant to be stable and work without any problems!

My own package always built (that is: I always massaged it to building).

The 1.0.7 version is at http://tzafrir.org.il/rapid/
The current 1.0.9 version is at http://tzafrir.org.il/rapid108/unstable/

> The machine is a P3 933 with 64Mb of RAM (i know - not much - will be getting 
> more soon!!).

Shouldn't matter, as long as you have enough swap.

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