MPL and Source Code

Anthony DeRobertis anthony at
Tue Apr 4 02:13:24 UTC 2006

Craig Southeren wrote:
> I'm not sure what an NMU is, but why are these not put into the SVN
> archive?
A NMU (non-maintainer upload) is an upload by a person who is not the 
maintainer of the package. Reasons for this happening are numerous; 
trivial example is an urgent fix when the maintainer is on vacation, is 
missing, is too busy, etc. An NMU would often not be put in the revision 
control archive because the person doing the NMU does not have commit 
access to said repository.
> Because if it is Debian policy to distribute binaries where the source
> code is not guaranteed to be publically available, then yes, I think
> that could be a problem regardless of whether the license is MPL or GPL.
The source code is guaranteed to be publicly available for as long as 
the binary is, but no longer.

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