/sbin vs /usr/sbin

Kilian Krause kilian at debian.org
Mon Jun 19 19:15:21 UTC 2006

> Thus ztcfg, fxotune and maybe ztpty belong in /sbin . Others don't.


> Any idea regarding ztpty?

Not at the moment, need to take a more profound look.

> Would you like a patch to change their location? 

Yes. Preferably over at kpf and kape ;)

> I'd rather push that change through Debian than through upstream as upstream is now in
> "freeze mode". Debian will be in "freeze mode" later on.

As long as it's in trunk (a.k.a. 1.4.x) that sounds fine for us to
backport. And as long as the FHS is agreed with it, the better. =)
Yet, so far what you say sounds just great. Commit it as soon as you got
the ok of kpf or others that they don't see anything broken with the

Best regards,
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