unicall packages to review

Caio Begotti caio at ueberalles.net
Thu Mar 2 21:25:42 UTC 2006

On Thursday 02 March 2006 09:26, Kilian Krause wrote:
> if hosting on your own website causes any problems, i can either propose
> you upload to mentors.debian.net or i can give you limited upload
> permission the pkg-voip.buildserver.net backend archive.

Thanks, Kilian, but I managed to get it working using the company SVN repo  
then I copied the build-area directory to my hosting for now (my local 
working directory already has the same structure that pkg-voip' SVN):


Please, can someone take a look at them and point me out the errors and bad 
things of them? I'm sure they still need more packaging, but I'd like some 
peer review now. Too bad I couldn't finish them yet, but that's life...

Question: how to use svn-buildpackage to construct a Debian Native package?

"asterisk-chan-unicall" is just a single .c source file plus 
unicall.conf.sample as template config. There's not a orig.tarball at all and 
I'd like to know how to package it using svn-buildpackage (without it asking 
me about the .orig).


caio[1982] begotti

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