iLBC license issue

Jan Janak jan at
Mon Mar 20 12:09:01 UTC 2006

Mark Purcell wrote:
> On Saturday 18 March 2006 13:13, Jan Janak wrote:
>> kphone (and maybe other packages) contain iLBC (internet Low Bitrate Codec)
>> library. This library has been published as part of RFC3951 by the IETF.
> Hi Jan,
> Yes this is an big issue:
> I don't think we (Debian) have addressed it adequately yet ;-(

  My apologies, I should have checked the list archives before sending the

> That said it is mainly an upstream issue for openh323, kphone and asterisk. 
> Can anyone check opal?
> All three include the ilbc code, with various interpertations of the licencing 
> issues for ilbc. and then claim their entire package is under the respective 
> licence.
> They are all using the same library code, so it would make sense for Debian to 
> ship an libilbc{-dev} package, which would contain all the licence issues, 
> and then for the other packages to link to that package.

  I do have such a package:

  Do you want me to inject the package into svn ? Note that I just took the
  sources from RFC and packaged them, I did not modify existing

  I can help with modifying kphone to link against this library if others
  agree that we should have libilbc.


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