Bug#475178: closed by Faidon Liambotis <paravoid at debian.org> (Re: Bug#475178: asterisk-config: 911/other emergency call not included in extensions.conf)

xavier.reportbug-debian.asterisk-config.natch.2008. at pecos.8d.com xavier.reportbug-debian.asterisk-config.natch.2008. at pecos.8d.com
Thu Apr 10 12:37:18 UTC 2008

> xavier renaut wrote:
> >i noticed a lot of stuff is included in extensions.conf for making calls
> >and all, but not the 911. i think it's important enough to add it, and
> >maybe add comments for people not in a country which accept 911. 
> That extensions.conf serves only as a demo of the Asterisk featureset.
> We don't expect users to switch to production with that dialplan.

well, with a few modifications, it works great (removing demo context).

my point is that debian is shipping turn-key packages, and the asterisk config is almost that.

> And we wouldn't want users who experiment with their newly installed PBX to accidentally call emergency services.


> I'm sorry, but not only I find such an addition redundant, but also potentially harmful.

redundant with ?

how about a single line comment in extensions.conf ?

> [oh, and we were going to add *one* number, that would be the one used by more people, which is EU's emergency services 112 
> ;-)]

sure, anything. just a comment "#insert your context emergency here" would be great.

or a file in the docs named readme.emergency...

xavier renaut, 514 906 1212 x315 

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