OpenH323 status on Debian and packaging OpenH323+

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir.cohen at
Fri Apr 18 14:00:31 UTC 2008

On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 04:45:32PM +0300, Diana Cionoiu wrote:
> Hi,
> The story is easy.
> The OpenH323 team decided to quit OpenH323 in favor of Opal. Since some 
> people still want to use OpenH323 there is a team which started h323plus.
> Now our software which is Yate doesn't work with nither Opal or h323plus 
> because both are unstable or in the best case have serious performance 
> issues.

h323plus is in unstable?

Just to fill in, from the IRC channel:

<manty> hi!
<manty> I was having a look at current openh323 and found that we don't
        have the latest versions
<manty> Is this because of a lack of time?
<manty> or maybe the 1.20 versions are still somewhat unstable?
<manty> what is the status of openh323 we have on Debian?
<manty> I see we have at least two versions
<manty> and none of these is the one available at is this yet another fork?

<kilian> h323plus is the successor of openh323
<kilian> and thus the only actively "developed" fork
<kilian> it's what our openh323 package needs to evolve into
<kilian> the codebase is plain the last openh323 unstable imported and fixed

<manty> kilian: so... is anybody working on it?
<manty> kilian: or should I start working on it?

<kilian> manty: if you feel like picking back up pwlib/ptlib and
         openh323/h323plus that'd be great
<kilian> manty: there is some stuff to discuss so please read yourself
         into what the last update was that i made and we go from there

> I have no idea how in the future things should go, but there is an 
> additional issue. The basic library is PWLib, which is not compatibile 
> for both OpenH323 and Opal.
> The thing that will make my life easier in enterprise installations will 
> be to have 2 PWLib's versions, one for the latest stable OpenH323, and 
> one for Opal as a development branch.
> The h323plus is also not stable yet, and they still change kind of a lot 
> of the API.

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