freepbx-modules Grouping

Daniel Watkins daniel at
Mon Nov 3 16:57:00 UTC 2008

Hello all,

I've been thinking about what to do with freepbx-modules, and I think
Faidon's suggetion of 'grouping' modules makes sense.  I would suggest
that we have two source packages for the modules: one for the core
modules required to get FreePBX running, and one for the other modules.
This would be in addition to the packages built by the freepbx source
package.  The core modules would build only a single binary package,
freepbx-plugins-core, which an appropriate package built by the freepbx
source package could then depend on.  The latter would build a few
binary packages, with modules grouped together.

The modules included in freepbx-core would be all those in the 'Basic'
category in the FreePBX module system, with the exception of the
language packs, which would get their own package:
      * System Dashboard (dashboard),
      * Feature Code Admin (featurecodeadmin),
      * FreePBX ARI Framework (fw_ari),
      * FreePBX FOP Framework (fw_fop),
      * Voicemail (voicemail),
      * Core (core), and
      * FreePBX Framework (framework).

The reason for having two source packages, is that it will allow us to
get working FreePBX packages into Debian much faster than if we're
trying to get all 50-odd modules in at the same time.

As for the grouping of the modules in "freepbx-modules", it's slightly
more complex.  If the upstream groupings were used, then almost all
setups would have to install all of the packages, rendering it
pointless.  As such, I tentatively suggest the following, roughly based
on the upstream groupings:
      * freepbx-modules-asterisk:
              * Asterisk Logfiles (logfiles),
              * Asterisk Info (asteriskinfo), 
              * Asterisk CLI (asterisk-cli), and
              * Asterisk API (manager)
      * freepbx-modules-callcontrol:
              * Ring Groups (ringgroups),
              * Blacklist (blacklist),
              * Caller ID Lookup (cidlookup),
              * Day Night Mode (daynight),
              * Time Conditions (timeconditions),
              * Announcements (announcement), and
              * IVR (ivr)
      * freepbx-modules-directory: 
              * Phonebook (phonebook),
              * Print Extensions (printextensions),
              * Speed Dial Functions (speeddial), and 
              * Phonebook Directory (pbdirectory) 
      * freepbx-modules-features:
              * Music on Hold (music),
              * DISA (disa),
              * Languages (languages),
              * Dictation (dictate),
              * VoiceMail Blasting (vmblast),
              * Parking Lot (parking),
              * Call Forward (callforward),
              * Paging and Intercom (paging),
              * PIN Sets (pinsets),
              * Misc Applications (miscapps),
              * Callback (callback),
              * Recordings (recordings),
              * Misc Destinations (miscdests),
              * Do-Not-Disturb (DND) (donotdisturb),
              * Conferences (conferences),
              * Info Services (infoservices), and
              * Call Waiting (callwaiting)
      * freepbx-modules-langpacks:
              * FreePBX Localization Updates (fw_langpacks)
      * freepbx-modules-queues:
              * Queue Priorities (queueprio), and
              * Queues (queues)
      * freepbx-modules-sysadmin:
              * PHPAGI Config (phpagiconf),
              * PHP Info (phpinfo),
              * Java SSH (javassh),
              * Backup & Restore (backup),
              * Online Support (irc),
              * DUNDi Lookup Registry (dundicheck), and
              * Custom Applications (customappsreg)
      * freepbx-modules-thirdparty:
              * Customer DB (customerdb),
              * Inventory (inventorydb), and
              * Gabcast (gabcast)


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