Help the release team to process ptlib in new queue

Eugen Dedu Eugen.Dedu at
Fri Oct 3 11:31:49 UTC 2008


Is it possible to upload to experimental the new version of ptlib with 
pwlib as source, while waiting the processing of ptlib by ftp-master? 
This allows to upload to exp also opal and ekiga right afterwards.

Best regards,

Faidon Liambotis wrote:
> Eugen Dedu wrote:
>> Is there anything we can do to help the release team (or how it is
>> called) to process ptlib and get it out of the new queue
>> (
> The release team has nothing to do with it. It's the ftp-master's and
> ftp-assistant's job to process the NEW queue
>> I would like to say them:
>> - it is not an unused library, but it used by a well-known VoIP
>> application (ekiga, which has just released a new version after nearly 3
>> years of development)
>> - ptlib is not a new source package, it is just the renaming of pwlib,
>> found in debian since years ago
> Doesn't matter much, most of the packages there are pretty easy to
> process and many are in a similar state. You'll just have to wait...
> Regards,
> Faidon

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