[Fwd: gnugk: Enable please SRV "hasSRV=1"]

MÉSZÁROS Mihály misi at niif.hu
Fri Oct 3 13:18:50 UTC 2008

Faidon Liambotis wrote:
> MÉSZÁROS Mihály wrote:
>  > Please look after why my bug report what i submited before (and now you
>> can find it attached) not displayed on gnugk bug list.
> mails with the From: field set to root at something are ignored, AFAIK.
>> Please enable SRV support 
>> Please add this, or similar lines to file debian/rules
>> export STDCCFLAGS
> That's wrong. hasSRV should be automatically set when the underlying
> library supports it.
> In the past that was openh323 1.19 and it compiled and run (I administer
> such a setup).
> However it seems that the newest pwlib_compat.h defines it only for
> h323plus v1.20.
> Anyway, please submit a bug report mentioning that SRV support is not
> working and I'll handle it properly.
Thanks lot!


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