Packaging a2billing

Ron ron at
Tue Apr 7 18:47:25 UTC 2009

On Tue, Apr 07, 2009 at 11:02:04PM +0800, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Ron wrote:
> > Is upstream still at all active on this?  Or are you proposing to
> > effectively fork it and take on the role of 'upstream' maintenance?
> Not at all, I have enough work with my one bugs on my own projects, and
> my packaging work in Debian! :)
> > It sounds a bit like the latter is what someone needs to do if we
> > are to make this fit for the distro on a long term basis ...
> I agree, and this is my concern. But when I have a look in the track
> website of the project, it seems that the upstream is still working on
> the sources. So I don't really understand why I'm getting no answer.
> Maybe I should try again later on, sometimes people have real life
> issues and don't reply immediately, or leave the email behind thinking
> they will reply a bit later, and never do at the end.

Or you could be getting spam filtered, that seems to happen a lot
these days.  Definitely worth trying again if you have doubts, I'm
not really sure how we can maintain this in the distro if it's a
mess and nobody will really be taking care of things that crop up ...

> >> Side note (not so important, really): I don't know SVN, I jumped from
> >> CVS to Git, as I understood SVN is quite like CVS (which means: *bad*).
> >> Are you guys thinking about moving to Git? I quite don't want to learn
> >> SVN myself...
> > 
> > You are not alone in that feeling, even among people who have learned
> > SVN :)  but it's not quite a unanimously shared one yet.
> > 
> > I would say that if you are doing the work, and would work better if
> > you have it in git, then the choice is something of a no-brainer.
> > There is no technical reason stopping us from having both git and
> > svn repos under the pkg-voip group, and there seems to be good
> > practical reasons to have both (where some upstream already uses
> > one or the other).
> > 
> > This list is usually pretty quiet, most of the discussion goes on
> > in #debian-voip, and that's probably the best place to gently fan
> > the winds of change on this too ...  :)
> Oh, I do not intend to push anyone, as to my experience, this often is
> the beginning of never ending wars. It's just that I am stuck because
> you guys are using SVN, and I don't feel good using it, and don't want
> to invest the time learning... Never mind, I'll find my way.

It's ok, we're not really warring over it.  Like everything in Debian
the decisions are really up to whoever is doing the work.  Once you
know who is likely to be helping with this, you can decide amongst
yourselves what will work best.

> About IRC: I quite hate it, because I live in Shanghai, and people are
> never online on my timezone. It makes it very difficult for me to get
> involved if most of the communication is there. Also, I enjoy lists and
> the searchable archives / logs that are coming with them. Anyway, I'll
> try to come over and discuss about stuffs still. IRC is a good way to
> get new friends.

We seem to have a reasonable overlap going on tonight :)  Though I am
about to catch a few hours sleep shortly ...

Most of us will see messages in both places even if we don't respond
immediately, but you'll probably get faster responses in a more real-time
space most days, which you might find useful at least initially ...


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