Italian sounds for 1.4.14-23 almost ready, what do I need to do then?

Marco Menardi mmenaz at
Fri Feb 27 11:56:41 UTC 2009

Hi, I'm the author, with my wife, of the current italian sounds for 
I've recently take the time to update the set to 1.4.14-23 release 
(1.6.1 will follow, hopefully, shortly).
I don't remember how I gave you the 1.2 set long time ago, nor I 
remember what was suggested me by the maintainer about the way to "tar" 
them (I just remember he complained about the way I did...).
License has changed from GPL to CC-SA-BY-3.0, since is more appropriate 
and I've read is the license Digium/you use for other sets.
So I ask you:
a) what is the exact command I have to use to "tar" the files the way 
you like?
b) what format do you want? I've recorded in wav 44.100Hz sampling, 
mono, no compression, resolution 16 bit, “linear two's complement” (full 
set size is about 101MB in this format).
c) If I do an "aptitude show asterisk-prompt-it" the italian part of the 
message is wrong/incomplete. How can I give you the right one to use 
this time?

I've subscribed to this list just to clarify these points.

Thanks in advance :)
Marco Menardi

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