Bug#521717: zaptel-source: "FXO PCI Master abort" while network/disk/cpu usage is high

Xavier Douville debian at douville.org
Sun Mar 29 19:22:59 UTC 2009


When the driver is bugged, syslogd and klogd take 100% of the CPU, even 
if I stop the network transfer. The only way to stop this is to rmmod 
wcfxo. This bug is very easy to reproduce on my computer. It's really 
when I do network transfers. It doesn't bug when I copy a file on the 
HDD. I know there are a lot of issues with IRQ with zaptel, but both 
eth1 and sata_sil have a higher IRQ number than wcfxo so they should 
have less priority right?



Tzafrir Cohen a écrit :
> Hi
> On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 01:18:41PM -0400, Xavier Douville wrote:
>> Package: zaptel-source
>> Version: 1:1.4.11~dfsg-3
>> Severity: important
>> I have a X100P clone card using the wcfxo module. It doesn't share an
>> IRQ with any other driver. When I transfer files on the gigabit
>> connection (so that CPU, disk and network usage all becomes high), wcfxo
>> generate *tons* of these error message and syslogd takes a lot of CPU,
>> slowing my network transfer to almost 0. It takes less than a minute
>> of network transfer so that this bug appears. I did not notice this
>> problem before because I had slow 10GiB IDE drives (and so not a lot of
>> free space to make big transfers). Now I upgraded to 250GiB SATA
>> drives (raid1).
>> [28309.306467] FXO PCI Master abort
>> I get so much of these messages that the computer becomes unusable
>> until I remove the wcfxo module. I tried with and without asterisk
>> running.
> You still get those messages even after the disk traffic is down?
> (From the little I looked, I don't think this has been fixed in DAHDI)

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