Bug#579232: openh323 Debian retirement plans

Mark Purcell msp at debian.org
Mon Apr 26 11:58:50 UTC 2010

Source: openh323
Version: 1.18.0.dfsg-10
Severity: wishlist

This wishlist bug is filed to track the removal from Debian of the obsolete openh323 library.

A number of transition activities need to occur before we can retire openh323:

[21:43] <tzafrir_laptop> pos, can you give an update on the different branches of opal/openh323/h323plus?
[21:43] <tzafrir_laptop> What's the plan with them?
[21:43] <pos> No probs..
[21:44] <pos> Two major streams opal (strong upstream lots of releases) and h323plus (update from openh323 - not much action lately)
[21:45] <pos> opal releases are sync with ptlib releases: http://www.opalvoip.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.VersionNumbering
[21:46] <pos> IMHO opal is the future, but the only thing using it is ekiga at present
[21:47] <pos> h323plus picks up the legacy apps from openh323: http://www.h323plus.org/source/
[21:47] <pos> h323plus requires an older ptlib-wolf (2.4.5)
[21:48] <pos> Once ptlib-wolf is accepted into unstable, then h323plus can be uploaded
[21:49] <pos> Once h323plus is uploaded then we can update; openmcu openam t38modem and gnugk to all build with h323plus

[21:51] <tzafrir_laptop> ok
[21:51] <tzafrir_laptop> That clearer now
[21:52] <pos> Once we have those all uptodate then I think we only have; asterisk, pstngw & yate-openh323 with rdepends on libopenh323-1.18.0
[21:52] <pos> Then we can retire openh323 ;-)

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