pkg-voip status? OpenSIPS ITP status?

Julien BLACHE jblache at
Thu Mar 25 17:07:16 UTC 2010

Paul Wise <pabs at> wrote:

Hi Paul,

> Starting next week my paid work will involve some VoIP stuff, including
> running OpenSIPS on Debian servers. I'm wondering what the status of the
> OpenSIPS ITP is? Also, probably OpenSER should be removed from Debian
> after squeeze since OpenSIPS is one of the replacements for it?

The status of all the OpenSER derivatives is pretty much the same; they
all need a thorough license check, and on such a massive codebase it's
not an easy thing to do.

There are a number of license incompatibilities in there, and a
significant number of them can't be fixed (original authors disappeared,
are uninterested or unwilling to fix the license for one reason or

Additionally, there are some nasty GPL/OpenSSL issues involving some of
the plugins and libraries they use.

That was the situation last I got involved in this, from the top of my

Good luck,


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