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Julien Danjou acid at debian.org
Thu Feb 16 09:12:54 UTC 2006

On Wed, Feb 15, 2006 at 09:51:25PM -0600, Yvette Chanco wrote:

My point of view, quickly, on this subjects.

> 1) Kernel Images


> 2) /lib/tls
> We all know about this.


> 2) Grub menu entries
> People used to debian are used to update-grub just working. My workaround is
> kind of awkward, but xen boot stanzas are complex. I'd love to
> discuss.

I didn't see you workarount, but I'm pretty sure it will be ok to manage this.

> 3) Init scripts
> For example, hang on shutdowns (in xen 2) are not normal behavior; if the
> domU won't die, the system won't shut down.

Should be easy to fix with a timeout.

> 4) Network scripts
> More transparency in the routing vs. bridging setups

Not sure to understand.

> 5) xen-system

To see.

> 6) Installer

To see, but later ;)

> 7) Upgrade

You have to reboot. :-)

> 8) Life without xend
> This is also partially me, but I've been in contact with the vmtools people,
> and we use them in some cases, so it's good to keep in mind the various
> dependencies (what you need to boot, vs. what you need to start a domu).
> That's it off the top of my head. I'll post a few more if I find something
> I've forgotten, or if people ask for proof ;)

We should probably split the Xen boot image and the xend/xen tools, in
order to provide later vmtools or anything else.

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