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Frederik Schueler fs at debian.org
Sat Feb 25 00:11:35 UTC 2006


I am sorry things have rushed today, things which should have better been
discussed by all concerned persons, _before_.

We have been tracking xen support in the linux-2.6 source package as an 
item on the todo list for 2.6.16 since a week or two, but we have not yet 
discussed the details of what that means within the kernel team.

I guess we should take this opportunity and catch up with this right now, 
clarifying in which extend we want to or plan to help with xen packaging.
Do we want to maintain both the hypervisors and the dom0 kernels, and who 
is willing to actually do it? 

Looking at the components of xen, I think we should at least take care
of the dom0 kernels, and of course stay in close contact with the
pkg-xen team to coordinate releases with the userland tools.

I suggest we do the following:

1. find a consensus within the kernel team about this issue;

2. find a consensus between the pkg-xen team and those members of the 
kernel team who will do the actual work on xen-related components of the
linux-2.6 package.

I consider team maintainership a good practice for packages of this
complexity, especially considering the amount of work in the bts and on
the userlist xen will probably require.

Additionally, I think kernel images and kernel-related packages should be 
maintained by the kernel team -- may that be an initramfs generator, a 
hotplug management deamon, or any flavour of the linux kernel like vserver, 
uml or xen -- for the sake of coordinating updates of a single component
in accordance with the others, and still being aware of the cross
connections and pitfals.

Best regards
Frederik Schueler

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