[pkg-xen-devel] Getting Started

Archive thilts33 at telus.net
Tue Feb 20 18:40:30 CET 2007

I would like to participate in Xen Debian package development. I am not 
sure if this email should go to this list or somewhere else.  According 
to the wiki this is the development list for Xen Debian package 
development.  I have just subscribed to the list and have not yet been 
authorized as a list member so any response should be sent to 
thilts33 at telus.net.

My name is Ted Hilts and I am very new to Debian but not to Linux.and 
not new to Xen. I am a early retired IT professional developer with 
engineering background but most of that experience was with Mainframe, 
Mini, and Micro 68000. and others and I have done some small development 
efforts on Linux but have primarily been involved with Linux as a user. 
I have had experience with most of the computer languages.  Given time I 
should be able to easily slide into more development type exercises as I 
headed up a number of big projects as well as small projects while in 
IT. I did notice that Xen development lacked a proper body of technical 
cohesive information regarding it's architecture with the exception of 
some block diagrams and overriding concepts regarding it's operation. 
For details one had to study the code and comments..Things may have 
changed over the last 2 years.  I understand Xen conceptually but am 
unfamiliar with details of  it's software architecture so it will take a 
while to come up to speed on all the modules and their interaction. It's 
always difficult jumping into existing projects with the expectation of 
performing at the same level as those that have been in the project from 
the project's onset. That's why I think it best to start with 
documentation both technical documentation as well as user 
documentation.  Also,  to facilitate documentation and growth towards 
more developmental exercises I could do extensive  testing.

Until I come up to speed with the Debian Distribution I think the best 
approach is to test.

To facilitate that I will need access to the appropriate CVS so I can 
remotely access it.
Also, I am purchasing a custom made machine  for this purpose and would 
request you specify architecture, memory, disks, etc.  This machine will 
be dedicated to Linux Xen Debian testing  with a large number of 
partitions set aside for DomU installastions and a large  partition for 
Dom0 ETCH which is what you will probably recommend.  Arrangement are 
underway to connect (via wireless) to a high speed Internet connection. 
 Currently, I have about 15 machines on my private LAN used only for my 
own purposes. My location is on a farm in Northern Alberta, Canada about 
63 miles NE of the capital city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.   I should 
be able to give other developers and users some kind of remote login 
 access so they can access and use the DomU test virtualizations set up 
and reserved for testing and development.

If you think I can be of value in this way then please advise.Hopefully, 
I have not misdirected this email.

Thanks, in any event I am looking forward to joining the list -- Ted

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