[Pkg-zsh-devel] Bug#646046: manual page still refers to /etc/zshenv

Frank Terbeck ft at bewatermyfriend.org
Fri Oct 21 08:39:06 UTC 2011

Norbert Kiesel wrote:
> "man zsh" says "Commands are first read from /etc/zshenv; this cannot be overridden.",
> but this was changed to /etc/zsh/zshenv at some point.  Likewise for zprofile, zlogin,
> and zshrc.

Hey Norbert,

This is actually a build-time option. `--enable-etcdir=' to be specific.

The manual used to present the wrong paths, since the package was build
from a release tarball, which had pre-built manual pages, so that people
didn't have to install yodl to build them for themselves.

I thought we started providing a tarball generated from upstream's
version control with the new package (starting from debian version
"4.3.12-1"). With that, the manuals are build when the package is built,
using the right values from the build-time options. That's why the new
package has a build-dependency on yodl now.

Upstream's build system is prepared to handle all of that automatically,
via the "Docs/version.yo" file, which is generated at build-time.

Since it's kind of hard to get a fixed up tarball onto the debian
servers, this will have to wait until upstream releases 4.3.13 - which
is not too far away, unless someone finds a grave bug in the current

Thanks for reporting. Otherwise I may have never realised we were still
using release tarballs as the basis for the package, rather than
tarballs generated from the release's corresponding version control tag.

Regards, Frank

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