[Pommed-devel] backlight support for macbook rev 3

Steffen Schulz pepe at cbg.dyndns.org
Thu Jul 26 21:44:42 UTC 2007

On 070726 at 23:32, Julien BLACHE wrote:
> > Someone over at ubuntu found the following code to work for the current
> > santa-rosa macbook pro:
> >
> > http://felipe-alfaro.org/blog/2006/09/11/basic-backlight-support-for-macbook-pro/
> >
> > I know, it's from 2006. But it works.
> Very interesting. Do you know if reading back the current backlight
> level works ? If not it's not usable for pommed, unfortunately.

Yes this works. I just tested the borders, a value of 0 will switch the
backlight off and 15 looks pretty much like the maximum.

> Ambient light: right 62, left 29
> 5 times per second when running pommed -d. If not, send me the
> complete log.

Nope, nothing.

vger:/home/pepe# cat /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon2/device/light 

vger:/home/pepe# pommed -d
I: pommed v1.7 ($Rev: 336 $) Apple laptops hotkeys handler
I: Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Julien BLACHE <jb at jblache.org>
pommed configuration:
 + General settings:
    fnmode: 2
 + ATI X1600 backlight control:
    initial level: -1
    step: 10
 + Intel GMA950 backlight control:
    initial level: 0xffffffff
    step: 0xf
 + Audio volume control:
    card: default
    initial volume: -1
    step: 10%
    volume element: Master
    speaker element: Master
    headphones element: Master
 + Keyboard backlight control:
    default level: 100
    step: 10
    auto on threshold: 20
    auto off threshold: 150
    auto enable: yes
 + CD eject:
    enabled: yes
    device: /dev/dvd
 + Apple Remote IR Receiver:
    enabled: yes
SMBIOS vendor name: [Apple Inc.]
SMBIOS system name: [MacBookPro3,1]
I: SMBIOS machine check: running on a MacBookPro3,1

Investigating evdev 0 [Power Button (FF)]
Discarding evdev 0: bus 0x0019, vid 0x0000, pid 0x0002

Investigating evdev 1 [Lid Switch]
 -> ACPI LID switch
evdev 1: no EV_KEY event type (not a keyboard)

Investigating evdev 2 [Power Button (CM)]
Discarding evdev 2: bus 0x0019, vid 0x0000, pid 0x0001

Investigating evdev 3 [Sleep Button (CM)]
Discarding evdev 3: bus 0x0019, vid 0x0000, pid 0x0003

Investigating evdev 4 [Macintosh mouse button emulation]
Discarding evdev 4: bus 0x0017, vid 0x0001, pid 0x0001

Investigating evdev 5 [HID 05ac:1000]
Discarding evdev 5: bus 0x0003, vid 0x05ac, pid 0x1000

Investigating evdev 6 [HID 05ac:1000]
Discarding evdev 6: bus 0x0003, vid 0x05ac, pid 0x1000

Investigating evdev 7 [Logitech USB-PS/2 Optical Mouse]
Discarding evdev 7: bus 0x0003, vid 0x046d, pid 0xc03e

Investigating evdev 8 [Apple Computer, Inc. IR Receiver]
 -> Apple IR receiver
evdev 8: no EV_KEY event type (not a keyboard)
evdev 8: no EV_SW event type (not a switch)
Discarding evdev 8

Investigating evdev 9 [Apple Computer Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad]
 -> Geyser IV USB keyboard

Investigating evdev 12 [applesmc]
Discarding evdev 12: bus 0x0019, vid 0x0000, pid 0x0000

Investigating evdev 13 [appletouch]
 -> Geyser IV USB keyboard
Discarding evdev 13 with EV_ABS event type (mouse/trackpad)

Investigating evdev 14 [Apple Computer Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad]
 -> Geyser IV USB keyboard

Found 3 devices
KBD backlight value is 0
Audio init: volume OK, speakers OK, headphones OK
Audio init: min 0, max 64, step 6
Processing DBus requests
Checking messages
Checking messages
Checking messages
Done with DBus requests
Processing DBus requests

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