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 <a name="1"></a>
 <h2>New initramfs-tools package</h2>
 <p>Maximillian Attems pointed out to us that there is a new version
 of the initramfs-tools package released which satisfies a release 
 goal for Squeeze. These tools are used fairly early on in the boot
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 <a name="2"></a>
 <h2>MIPS architecture news</h2>
 <p>Andreas Barth send an email [0] with some information on the mips 
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 closer and closer, and I've already wasted enough of your time!"
 <a name="4"></a>
 <h2>Special funding for DebConf Newbies</h2>
 <p>If you've never been to a DebConf, but always wanted to go, this
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 <a name="5"></a>
 <h2>Bits from Debian Groupware Meeting</h2>
+<p>Guido Günther wrote such a good 'bits from' mail that I just cut
+and pasted it into this issue of DPN, here it is;
+Like last year the Debian Groupware Meeting was held at the LinuxHotel,
+Essen, Germany[1]. This is a short summary what happened during the
+* We worked on getting Icedove 3 (aka Thunderbird) into shape for
+ Squeeze by fixing the remaining RC bugs and fixing many more issues
+ along the way. Icedove 3 entered testing recently.
+* After many months Iceowl-extension (aka Lightning) got back it's companion 
+ standalone Iceowl (aka Sunbird). A version compatible with Icedove 3
+ has been uploaded to unstable and we went through almost all of the
+ open bugs. This version also entered testing recently.
+* Evolution bug squashing: We went through a great pile of Evolution bugs
+ updating their status, requesting more information to reproduce them,
+ forwarding them upstream and closing the fixed ones along the way.
+* Z-push got packaged[2] and is ready to be uploaded once the licensing
+ issues are resolved[3] - upstream is looking into this.
+* We updated the "Groupware in Debian" status page [4].
+For more details have a look at the wiki page[1]. Being four instead of
+three people at the event we gained 33% more participants over last
+year. We hope to see even more of you around next year.
+[1]. http://wiki.debian.org/GroupwareMeeting2010-04-09to11
+[2]. http://git.debian.org/?p=users/wolfi-guest/z-push.git;a=summary
+[3]. http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2010/04/msg00043.html
+[4]. http://wiki.debian.org/Groupware
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