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installation and non-free firmware files


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 to the DELAYED queue so that the maintainer can react if needed.</q>
+<a name="3"></a>
+<h2>Debian installation media and non-free firmware</h2>
+<p>With Debian's Kernel Team moving firmware files (binary data needed for
+some hardware like network interface cards) in seperate packages in
+Debian's non-free section, Kurt Roeckx <a
+if that approach could lead to usage problems especially during
+installation and if these files should be added to the installation media.
+Several people pointed out, that the <a
+installation system already supports loading firmware</a> from a seperate
+installation media, e.g. a usb stick.  That however would still be to
+complicate for many users or use cases (e.g. remote installation). In the
+end Steve Langasek <a
+to offer normal installation media without non-free firmware files and an
+easy to use tool, which would add the distributable non-free firmware files
+to the installation media image.</p>
 <a name="10"></a>

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