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-# DebianEdu developer gathering report
-# http://lists.debian.org/201106141624.46478.holger@layer-acht.org
 # Debian Administration: Cloning a Debian system - identical packages and versions
 # http://www.debian-administration.org/article/669/Cloning_a_Debian_system_-_identical_packages_and_versions
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 ## notice hat it was successful, time will show ;)
+<toc-add-entry name="debianedu">Report from the Debian Edu developer gathering in Hamburg</toc-add-entry>
+Holger Levsen sent report from the Debian Edu developer gathering in Hamburg, Germany.
+The main goal of the sprint was preparing the release of Debian Edu Squeeze. On the
+meeting Debian Edu developers discussed and worked on various things like documentation,
+samba integration, testing of squeeze installation images and so on. During the meeting
+was done more than 200 commits to the Debian Edu's SVN repository and fixed 18 bugs (and a bunch of
+bugs filed against bugs.skolelinux.org). Participants also had a 90min discussion with two persons
+from "Chaos macht Schule", which is a CCC subproject. In the end of the letter Holger thanks
+CCC Hamburg, Opensides.be, the OLPC.de association and the Debian sprints
+program for their financially supporting the event.
 <toc-add-entry name=""></toc-add-entry>

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