[Quantian-general] scipy problems

Ulf Lorenz s8397076@rcs.urz.tu-dresden.de
Thu, 4 Mar 2004 02:13:49 +0100


we wanted to use Quantian for a course in computational physics.
Although all lecturers have intensively lobbied for Linux, some people
still need some advocacy. So beside a windows CD for the real windows
users we wanted to supply the participants with an easy-to-use Linux
distribution. :)

However, one small problem. I have just booted quantian another time and
found out that this problem isn't as, ehm, problematic as I thought on
my first try. Imagine the following commands in the python prompt:

>>> import scipy
>>> import scipy.xplt
>>> from scipy import *
>>> from scipy.xplt import *

>>> x = scipy.arange(10)    #just to create an array

>>> scipy.xplt.plg(x)       #works
>>> plg(x)                  #works
>>> xplt.plg(x)             #doesn't work, some errors with "cannot
                             import ..."

Since the homework relies on scipy.xplt excessively, this is not really
great. Just now I have found out that the first two cases (which I
hadn't tested before) work, so this problem is not critical as one could
tell the people to use xplt _this_ way, but it is a bit ... dirty.

I haven't dug much more apart from the "this shouldn't happen"
enlightment and will have a deeper look tomorrow, but I wanted to
send this mail as soon as possible just to inform you. Maybe we will
have some further requests later on. :)


BTW: Could you CC the mail to me? I am not inscribed to the list yet
(maybe later).