[Quantian-general] Re: [ClusterKnoppix] New Quantian release available

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd@debian.org
Mon, 15 Mar 2004 12:46:06 -0600


On Mon, Mar 15, 2004 at 11:55:38AM -0600, marius wrote:
> hi there!
> first of all i want to apologize for disturbing you with this message and
> for my poor english.
> i did not know if it is better to send my questions to you or directly to
> the mailing list...

Yes, it would be as you;d get more listeners. I'll CC the list, now that the
listserver is back up again.
> anyway,here are my four questions:
> 1) is it there a particular reason for using in Quantian an older
> version of pvm(pvm 3.4.2-9) instead of a newer one (3.4.3 or 3.4.4)?

MPI/LAM/PVM are on the todo-list, and I'd welcome suggestion. Whatever
version is 'in' came in implicitly via other Depends, rather than explicitly. 

> 2)are you planning to include in the near future condor-pvm in the "kitchen
> sink" version?

As far as I know Condor is not packaged for Debian, making it that much
harder. Generally speaking, if .deb packages exist, it makes it that much
easier for to do add something.

> 3) i decided today to try and use the bootable cd for Quantian
> everything worked ok up to the moment when i had to choose the network
> module for my client nodes(when i wanted to start the
> knoppix-terminalopenmosixserver).
> there is no module for  3com pci 3c905c/c TPO tornado nics. unfortunately,i
> have only
> this around on  two other desktops and on my laptop... again,is there a
> particular reason for not including them?

No, it may simply not have been compiled at the kernel / Knoppix /
clusterKnoppix level. Is that a new 3c905 variant?  My two year old
dual-Athlon server has a 3c905 variant, and booted fine.

> 4)related to the questions above, i'd like to give it a try to a bootable
> dvd customized to my needs.
> but before starting anything, i would like to have some additional bits of
> info....
> my question is:have you used the same "crib sheet" you have on your webpage
> also for 0.4.x releases?this might look like a stupid question but i have to

No, I have not had any time to update the crib sheet aka 'HOWTO build'.
However, all the steps are still the same.

> add here that i'm a newb when it comes to debian,although i used all sort of
> other *bsd or linux distros...
> thank you in advance and once again sorry if i did the things wrong...

Doesn't like it so no need to apologize :)

Cheers, Dirk

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