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Robert W. Hayden wrote:
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>> From: "=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Nicol=E1s_Quesada?=" <zeitus at gmail.com>
>> I would like to know if there is any possibility of an updated version
>> of quantian. This is because here in Colombia most of the computers
>> don't come with DVD reader/writter, so the DVD version is not very
>> iseful. I know that this fact would imlply not including all of the
>> packages of the DVD version but If at least this new CD bersion come
>> with the majority of the Packages of the last CD version updated would
>> be great
> I have thought about this.  A CD is about 1/7 the size of a DVD so it
> certainly could not hold a majority of the applications on a DVD.
> People will differ in what they can do without, and I think you might
> end up with many choices and many CDs.  I guess it is possible to
> create your own version of Quantian (or Knoppix), but I do not have
> the technical expertise.  What I thought might be a viable project
> would be a "Student Quantian" that fit on a CD.  My criterion would be
> that it should contain the software that could be used in
> undergraduate courses that appear at most colleges and universities.
> So I can see a case for R for any stats. course, Octave for linear
> algebra, a computer algebra system, etc.  But you would not need all
> the more advanced or specialized software -- would not even need most
> of the packages for R.  Also would not need a big office suite -- just
> enough to do simple spreadsheets and create a decent looking report
> from your homework output.  Might not need K or Gnome.  I just don't
> know if it would be possible to get broad agreement on what needs to
> be included and get that all on a CD that would be useful to most
> undergraduate students in the science -- AND have one team member
> smart enough to create the product;-)
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IIRC the original Quantian CD had KDE, R, Axiom, Maxima, a large IBM 
visualization tool whose name I've forgotten (OpenDV??), some chemistry, 
physics and astronomy packages and TexMacs -- where the space savings 
mostly came from was ditching OpenOffice.org. I could personally live 
without a spreadsheet *and* Octave given R, but then R is now my 
language of choice.

While we're on the subject of Quantian releases, IIRC there has been no 
progress off of the 2.4 kernel in ClusterKnoppix. Is it possible to 
switch to Parallel Knoppix, which does seem to be using 2.6 and 
releasing media rather often?

If you want to get rid of KDE for space saving, XFCE is pretty light 
weight and still is a *desktop*, not just an extended window manager. 
I've personally dropped back to GNUStep/WindowMaker on my desktop, but 
there are even lighter ones out there. I've even managed to do real 
science with "twm". :)

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