[sane-devel] ScanJet 4c, scanimage hangs, Fixed!

Nathan Cassano nathan@cjhunter.com
Thu, 8 Nov 2001 13:25:22 -0800

Hi folks, well I fixed the problem! I upgraded to linux 2.4.12 and now
my ScanJet 4c scans like a champ. I don't know why this is specifically
fixed the problem and donít really care to find out.

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I tried the 'disable-scsi-request' option, made a direct connection to
/dev/sg0 in my hp.conf and changed but I am still seeing the same slow
behavior. Has anyone gotten this scanner and SCSI card to work with
Linux? If you have please email me your configuration (kernel version,
sane version, conf files) and I'll given it a try. Help.